Random assortment of family pictures.
These pictures are in no particular order. They represent a cross section of people and events associatiated with the Daggett family of Downey, California.
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Photograph above taken during Rodney, Sr.'s 100 birthday celebration in November 2001. Standing left to right: Rod, Jr; Joel Markss (Ann's husband); Ann; Robert; Steve Clemmens (Ann's son). Seated left to right: Norma; Rod, Sr.; Richard
Above: Rodney, Sr., about 1904.
Photograph above taken in 1993 during Rodney and Norma's 65th wedding anniversary. Left to right: Rod, Sr; Robert; Rod, Jr; Richard; Norma; Ann
Daggett kids - 1947.
Robert, Richard, Ann, Rodney, Jr.
Photograph at left taken in 1946.
The four Daggett kids are standing
on the portch of 411 E. 109th Street
in Los Angeles. Rodney, Sr., with help from his father, Mathew Hale Daggett, built this house in 1933.
Photographs above: First trailer built by Rodney, Sr. - 1946 - Forerunner of today's "pop top" trailers. Left - Top down while traveling. Right - Top up while in camp.
Above left: '55 Chevrolet & 15 ft "Pleasure Craft". Above right: '62 Buick & 25 ft "Airstream"
Above: About 420 Airstream trailers parked on the fairgrounds at Jasper, Alberta, Canada, during the Wally Byam Caravan Club (Airstream club) 1965 Western Canada Caravan
Above: Spring 1953 - Last picture of Richard before contracting polio.
Above: Summer 1953 - Richard in tank respirator, commonly known as an "Iron Lung".
Above: Thankgiving Day 1953.
Richard's first trip home.
With Richard are his parents, Rodney, Sr. and Norma.
Above: July 1985 - Richard & Dr. Jonas Salk.
Dr. Salk perfected the first effective polio vaccine.
Above: Summer 1954 - Richard in wheelchair and hand splints.
Above: Richard, Rodney, Sr., Norma
Rancho Los Amigos
"Amistad" Gala 1996
James Monroe Daggett - 1865
Captain, 11th Maine Volunteers
Jennie N. (Cotterill) Daggett
Photograph undated, but probably
taken in the the early 1870s
Jennie N. Daggett (known as "Danna" by her grandchildren)
Somewhere in what she referred to as the Idaho "wilderness" - 1880s
Mathew Hale Daggett
1873 - 1 year old
Mathew Hale Daggett
1875 - 3 years old
Mathew Hale Daggett
1883 - 11 years old
Above: Wedding photographs
Mathew Hale Daggett & Mary Georgiana Brinker
August 1895
Above: Daggett family - 1906 - St. Maries, Idaho
Ernest, on grass; Evalene, on her mother's lap; Arthur, leaning on porch; Rodney, sitting on steps;
Mathew Hale, back left; Thomas Jefferson Daggett (Uncle "Jeff"), middle; Jennie (Danna), back right.
Mary is pregnant with Lawrence, and Maurice (John) is nearly 4 years in the future.
Norma with Ladies' Chorus in front of McKinley Avenue Elementary School. Norma is fourth from right. Photo taken in 1940s
At left: Richard receiving the Amistad Award
April 29, 2006
With Richard are Debbie Thomlinson, Director of Volunteer Services at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center and Don Knabe, Los Angeles County Supervisor.

Below: Page from Amistad program.
Above: Aerial photograph of north Downey taken in 1949. The Daggett family bought a lot here in that year. The red arrow points to the location of the lot in the middle of an orange grove. Below: Aerial photograph taken of the same area in the Winter of 1952-53. Most of the orange trees were taken out to build houses.
The picture below was scanned from the 1953 year book of North Junior High School.
The red arrow points to Richard holding his alto saxophone.